Employers & Managers

Now you can train ALL of your bartenders and alcohol servers ONLINE!

Make the one-time purchase of the PSCC Employer Account and you will have unlimited access to the benefits listed below.
  • Purchase online training courses at a reduced rate.
  • Monitor the progress of your employees as they complete the course.
  • Verify that all all of your employees are certified through one web-based portal.
  • View certificates online.
  • Print certificates for your personnel files or save electronic copies.
  • Administrative access to employee information secured with your own username and password.
Gone are the days of coordinating schedules, shutting down your business for training, and trying to find an approved trainer.  Using the PSCC Employer Account you can purchase courses and assign them to employees in a few simple steps.  And, unlike live training, where you have no way to measure how much of the material your employees retained, you can see first hand their results on individual assessment activities.

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